Guide for Administrators

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Supporting the culture of caring at MIT

Postdocs who are well supported will have more satisfying and successful experiences at MIT. Faculty members in turn benefit from more productive research relationships, and administrators have smoother interactions overall. It is our hope that the following will be helpful to administrators in crafting programs and overall procedures that address the unique needs of our postdoctoral community and enhance, strengthen, and streamline the experience for everyone.

There are several things to keep in mind about this guide:

  • It contains general information and baseline best practices. It is not intended to be comprehensive or to address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general procedures and practices described. It is intended as a framework and not a “one size fits all” approach. Since all departments, laboratories, centers, and institutes have unique needs and varying resources, the guidelines should be modified to suit each area’s culture, staffing, budget, and existing practices.
  • Some topics addressed here are covered in detail in either MIT Policies and Procedures or the Personnel Policy Manual. Please refer to those documents for specific information.
  • Practices described here may be modified or discontinued periodically; we will try to keep this up to date.
  • You will find examples and templates in each (Pre-arrival, On-going, etc.) category above. These are MIT web certificate protected and should be treated as confidential, for the use of MIT employees and others affiliated with MIT only. 

Need more information and guidance?

The following people have volunteered to answer questions, and we thank them for their invaluable contributions to this guide:

  • Terry Clewley (tclewley at, Senior Administration & HR Manager, Koch Institute
  • Kate White (kowhite at, Administrative Officer, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Rachel Smederovac Drake (rachel79 at, SRS HR Administrator, Research Laboratory of Electronics
  • Bori Stoyanova (bori at, Personnel Administrator, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Do you have suggestions or examples to share?

Contact information:  Ann M Skoczenski. annskocz at
617-324-9022; Room 10-370