Key Administrative Contacts for Postdocs

Many departments, laboratories and centers (DLCs) at MIT have individuals who have self-identified as the postdoc key administrative contact(s), that is, the lead administrator(s) for postdocs and postdoc-related issues. If your DLC does not have a key contact listed, you can contact the Administrative Officer or Human Resources Administrator listed on the DLC website for additional information.

*overall contact for area

School/Area School / DLC / unit Name Postdoc Liaison Title Email
Architecture & Planning
  Architecture Andreea O'Connell Administrative Officer
  Center for Real Estate Lisa Thoma Associate Director
  Media Lab Lisa Breede HR Administrator
    Helene Baeyaert Kelsey Sr. Human Resources Assistant
  Urban Studies & Planning Karen Yegian Administrative Officer
    Erin Schenck Assistant Director, Senseable City Lab
  School of Architecture & Planning Dean's Office Dineen Doucette Finance & HR Admin
    Ramona Allen Assistant Dean for Human Resources
  Aeronautics and Astronautics Anna Robinson Human Resources Coordinator​
  Biological Engineering (Dept) Irina Singh Senior Human Resources Assistant
    Roni Dudley-Cowans Administrative Officer
  Center for Biomedical Innovation Eric A. Small Administrative Assistant II
  Center for Transportation & Logistics Mary Mahoney Assistant Director Admin
    Joselin Sanz Personnel Coordinator
  Chemical Engineering Shannon Kelly Human Resources Rep II
  Civil and Environmental Engineering Bori Stoyanova Personnel Administrator
  Institute for Data, Systems and Society Jennifer Kratochwill Assistant Director for Admin
    Doro Unger-Lee Project Manager
  Institute for Medical Eng. and Science (IMES) Melinda Lyman-Wright Personnel Administrator
    Amanda Holley HR Rep II
  Lab for Information & Decision Systems Debbie Wright Administrative Officer
  Materials Science and Engineering Esther Greaves Estwick Personnel Admin
    Magdalena Rieb Administrative Officer
  Mechanical Engineering Lynette Jones SRS & Postdoc Coordinator
    Sucharita Ghosh* Administrative Officer
    Anna Churchill Personnel Administrator
    Meg Gross Faculty Affairs Admin
  Microsystems Technology Laboratories Debb Hodges-Pabon Personnel and Operations Administrator
  Nuclear Science and Engineering Valerie Censabella Personnel Coordinator
  Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Stephanie Toews Moeling Administrative Officer
    Laura Dorson Administrative Assistant
  School of Engineering Dean's Office Catherine Kim Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Administration
Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
  Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab David Sears Director, J-PAL
  Anthropology Program Amberly Steward Administrative Officer
  Center for Int. Studies Robert Murray Administrative Officer
  Comparative Media Studies/Writing Sarah Smith Administrative Officer
  Economics Jimmy Cooprider Personnel Coordinator
  Global Studies and Languages Elouise Evee-Jones Administrative Officer
  History Mabel Sorett Administrative Officer
  Linguistics & Philosophy Mary Grenham Administrative Officer
  Literature Section Alicia Mackin Administrative Officer
  Music and Theater Arts Section Michelle Carmichael Administrative Officer
  Program in Science, Technology & Society Paree Pinkney Administrative Officer
  SHASS Dean's Office Erminia Piccinonno Director of Human Resources
    Ana Ludwig Administrative Assistant II (HR/Finance)
Sloan School of Management
    Stacy Buckley  HR Administrator, Faculty Affairs
  Biology Daniel Delgado HR Administrator
    Chris Tow Human Resources Rep II
  Brain & Cognitive Sciences Pia Handsom* Administrative Officer
    Kate White HR Administrator
  Center Global Change Sci. see EAPS below    
  Chemistry Michele Harris HR Coordinator
  Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences Karen Fosher HR Administrator
  Kavli Inst for Astrophysics & Space Research Danielle Noonan HR Coordinator
  Laboratory for Nuclear Science Elsye Luc Senior Administrative Assistant
    Ken Hewitt Assistant Director HR
  Mathematics Kim DeMayo Human Resources Coordinator
  Physics Vicky Metternich HR Admin
  Picower Institute for Learning & Memory William Lawson  Assistant Director for Administration
    Lauren Anderson HR Business Partner
  School of Science Dean's Office Heather Williams Assistant Dean
    Kelly Murray Human Resources Admin
Office of Provost
  McGovern Institute for Brain Research Mary Roderick SRS HR Administrator
  MIT-SUTD Collaboration Jesse DeLaughter Assistant Director Admin
Vice President for Research
  Comp Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) Carmen Popovici Acting Assistant Director for Administration
    Maxwell Madzar Human Resources Coordinator
    Kyle Bettencourt Human Resources Coordinator
  Division of Comparative Medicine Bruce Brown Administrative Officer
  Haystack Observatory Kenneth H Lloyd Assistant Director for Administration
  Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Josh Freedman Assistant Director for Finance and Administration
  Koch Inst - Integrative Cancer Research Terry Clewley* Senior Admin & HR Manager
    Idulia Lovato HR Coordinator
  Materials Research Laboratory Susan Dalton Assistant Director
    Gil Cordova Administrative Officer
    Lisa A. Sinclair Senior Administrative Assistant
  MIT Energy Initiative Pat Connell Personnel Manager
  Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Mary E. Young Administrative Officer
  Plasma Science and Fusion Center Tom Hrycaj Administrative Officer
    Leslie West Personnel Administrator
  Research Laboratory of Electronics Rachel Smederovac Drake SRS HR Administrator
  Office of the Vice President for Research Dana Bresee Keeth Director of Postdoctoral Services
    Jennifer Walsh Director of Human Resources and Administration
    Colleen Mazzeo Leslie Senior Director Research Admin & Compliance