Key Administrative Contacts for Postdocs

Many departments, laboratories and centers (DLCs) at MIT have individuals who have self-identified as the postdoc key administrative contact(s), that is, the lead administrator(s) for postdocs and postdoc-related issues. If your DLC does not have a key contact listed, you can contact the Administrative Officer or Human Resources Administrator listed on the DLC website for additional information.

*overall contact for area

Sloan School of Management

School/Area School / DLC / unit Name Postdoc Liaison Title Email
Architecture & Planning
  Architecture Andreea O'Connell Administrative Officer
  Center for Real Estate Lisa Thoma Associate Director lthoma@MIT.EDU
  Media Lab Lisa Breede HR Administrator
    Helene Baeyaert Kelsey Sr. Human Resources Assistant hkelsey@MIT.EDU
  Urban Studies & Planning Karen Yegian Administrative Officer
  School of Architecture & Planning Dean's Office Dineen Doucette Finance & HR Admin dineend@MIT.EDU
    Ramona Allen Assistant Dean for Human Resources
  Aeronautics and Astronautics Anne Maynard Personnel Manager
  Biological Engineering (Dept) Irina Singh Senior Human Resources Assistant
    Roni Dudley-Cowans Administrative Officer
  Center for Biomedical Innovation Eric A. Small Administrative Assistant II easmall@MIT.EDU
  Center for Transportation & Logistics Mary Mahoney Assistant Director Admin
  Chemical Engineering Esther Greaves Estwick Personnel Administrator (ASO) estherg@MIT.EDU
    Shannon Kelly Human Resources Rep II shannonk@MIT.EDU
  Civil and Environmental Engineering Bori Stoyanova Personnel Administrator bori@MIT.EDU
  Institute for Data, Systems and Society Jennifer Kratochwill Assistant Director for Admin krat@MIT.EDU
    Bo Richardson Administrative Assistant II
  Institute for Medical Eng. and Science (IMES) Melinda Lyman-Wright Personnel Administrator
    Amanda Holley HR Rep II
  Lab for Information & Decision Systems Debbie Wright Administrative Officer
  Materials Science and Engineering Esther Greaves Estwick (ASO) Personnel Admin
    Shannon Kelly HR II
  Mechanical Engineering Lynette Jones SRS & Postdoc Coordinator ljones@MIT.EDU
    Sucharita Ghosh* Administrative Officer
    Anna Churchill Personnel Administrator
    Meg Gross Faculty Affairs Admin
  Microsystems Technology Laboratories Debb Hodges-Pabon Personnel and Operations Administrator
  Nuclear Science and Engineering Valerie Censabella Personnel Coordinator censabel@MIT.EDU
  Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Stephanie Toews Moeling Administrative Officer
    Laura Dorson Administrative Assistant
  School of Engineering Dean's Office Mary Markel Murphy Assistant Dean of Engineering for Administration
Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
  Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab David Sears Director, J-PAL
  Anthropology Program Amberly Steward Administrative Officer
  Center for Int. Studies Robert Murray Administrative Officer
  Comparative Media Studies/Writing Sarah Smith Administrative Officer
  Economics Jimmy Cooprider Personnel Coordinator
  Global Studies and Languages Elouise Evee-Jones Administrative Officer
  History Mabel Sorett Administrative Officer
  Linguistics & Philosophy Mary Grenham Administrative Officer edel@MIT.EDU
  Literature Section Alicia Mackin Administrative Officer
  Music and Theater Arts Section Michelle Carmichael Administrative Officer
  Program in Science, Technology & Society Paree Pinkney Administrative Officer
  SHASS Dean's Office Erminia Piccinonno Director of Human Resources
    Ana Ludwig Administrative Assistant II (HR/Finance) hernanac@MIT.EDU
  Sloan School of Management Stacy Buckley  HR Administrator, Faculty Affairs  617-324-5921
  Biology Daniel Delgado HR Administrator
    Chris Tow Human Resources Rep II
  Brain & Cognitive Sciences Pia Handsom* Administrative Officer
    Kate White HR Administrator
  Center Global Change Sci. see EAPS below    
  Chemistry Michele Harris HR Coordinator
  Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences Karen Fosher HR Administrator kfosher@MIT.EDU
  Kavli Inst for Astrophysics & Space Research Danielle Noonan HR Coordinator
  Laboratory for Nuclear Science Elsye Luc Senior Administrative Assistant elsye@MIT.EDU
    Ken Hewitt Assistant Director HR
  Mathematics Kim DeMayo Human Resources Coordinator kdemayo@MIT.EDU
    William Lawson Administrative Officer
  Physics Vicky Metternich HR Admin
  Picower Institute for Learning & Memory Erin L. Edwards  Assistant Director for Administration
    Lauren Anderson HR Business Partner
  School of Science Dean's Office Heather Williams Assistant Dean heatherg@MIT.EDU
    Kelly Murray Human Resources Admin kmurray@MIT.EDU
Office of Provost
  McGovern Institute for Brain Research Mary Roderick SRS HR Administrator
  MIT-SUTD Collaboration Jonathan Griffith Assistant Director Admin
    Jesse DeLaughter SRS Acad./Student Admin
Vice President for Research
  Center for Materials Science & Engineering Susan Dalton Assistant Director sdalton@MIT.EDU
  Comp Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) TBD HR Administrator TBD
    Maxwell Madzar Human Resources Coordinator
    Carrie Stowe Human Resources Coordinator
  Division of Comparative Medicine Bruce Brown Administrative Officer
  Haystack Observatory Kenneth H Lloyd Assistant Director for Administration klloyd@MIT.EDU
  Koch Inst - Integrative Cancer Research Terry Clewley* Senior Admin & HR Manager
    Idulia Lovato HR Coordinator
  Materials Processing Center Gil Cordova Administrative Officer
  MIT Energy Initiative Pat Connell Personnel Manager
  Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Mary E. Young Administrative Officer myoung@MIT.EDU
  Plasma Science and Fusion Center Tom Hrycaj Administrative Officer
    Leslie West Personnel Administrator west@PSFC.MIT.EDU
  Research Laboratory of Electronics Rachel Smederovac Drake SRS HR Administrator rachel79@MIT.EDU
  Office of the Vice President for Research Colleen Leslie Director of Research Administration and Compliance
    Dana Bresee Keeth Dir. Postdoctoral Services