Transportation and Parking

The official source of information on this topic is the MIT Parking and Transportation Office. For details on these and other commuting programs, and for area shuttle information, see the MIT Department of Facilities transportation pages and visit the Atlas Service Center in E17-106, which is open weekdays 8am – 5 pm.

Many postdocs choose housing near public transportation, particularly the “red line” of the “T” (MBTA subway). MIT subsidizes certain transportation costs for employees, including Postdoctoral Associates. The Vice President for Research Office has ensured that Postdoctoral Fellows also have access to most transportation benefits. See details below.

Access MIT Pass Program

All Postdoctoral Fellows and Postdoctoral Associates on MIT’s Cambridge campus are now eligible for free, unrestricted subway and local bus access. MIT provides eligible populations with MIT ID cards with a special MBTA* chip inside that will provide this access. (*Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Postdocs should see “Charlie INSIDE!” written on the back of the MIT ID card, and should be all set. If not, they may visit the Atlas Service Center (40 Ames St, E17-106, open weekdays 8 am-5 pm) to update their MIT ID card. This program began in summer 2016.

Additional information from the Parking & Transportation Office

NOTES: MIT subsidies are only available to benefits-eligible employees. It is not possible to use the Bicycle Commuter Benefit program and the Access MIT Pass program at the same time, because of IRS (tax) regulations. 


  • MIT has a membership benefit with Blue Bikes, the bicycle rental program. MIT provides a subsidized membership to eligible populations. For Postdoctoral Fellows who do not receive any funding through or from MIT, there is a separate process.
  • There is also a Bicycle Commuter Benefit for those who are not enrolled in another MIT commuting benefit program (e.g. Access MIT Pass program) and who otherwise qualify. The Parking & Transportation Office can provide details and assist those choosing the Bicycle Commuter Program for the year or any particular months. Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows receiving some MIT pay may be eligible. If you are a Postdoctoral Fellow without any MIT pay, speak with your key administrative contact for postdocs about possible assistance from the department.


Parking on campus is very limited, and your unit headquarters can tell you whether or not it is an option for you.


MIT sponsored Zipcar membership (for car rental) is available to all MIT postdocs, using an MIT email address. 


The International Scholars Office has helpful information about Boston's Public Transportation System and Massachusetts Driver's Licenses, Identification Cards, and Cars.

MIT Administrators Only

Guidelines for Departments: Transportation Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows