Mentoring and Advising

Regular communication between postdocs and supervisors is vital. Postdocs and their supervisors should plan for an introductory meeting to set overall goals and construct a mentoring plan, which must be provided with the initial appointment. The annual renewal of an appointment must include a progress report on the career development plan including future goals that is co-signed by both the postdoc and advisor and reflects an in person meeting.

MIT also recommends that postdocs complete an Individual Development Plan and a Career Planning Strategy.

The Postdoctoral Mentoring and Advising Toolkit was designed at MIT to assist the training of postdoctoral researchers, and will be helpful to mentors/advisors, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Associates. It includes a basic outline for a mentoring plan, suggested template for an annual review, and other related resources.

Mentoring Resources