Postdoctoral Salary and Health Insurance Rates

The Vice President for Research periodically updates the community on standards related to postdocs. Below please find summary information related to salary/stipend thresholds and health benefits for postdoctoral fellows. We have an outstanding population of over 1500 postdocs at MIT, and we are committed to providing mentoring and career development that supports each postdoc’s advancement on the path to professional independence.

Mandatory Minimum Salary Level for Postdoctoral Scholars (Associates and Fellows)

Effective January 1, 2024, the minimum salary/stipend for all postdoctoral scholars (Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows) is $66,950.

The minimum salary/stipend for postdoctoral scholars is reviewed each fall, and adjustments take effect annually on January 1. The annual reappointment of a postdoc does not trigger an increase as a matter of policy; however, PIs retain discretion to provide a salary or stipend above the Institute-wide minimum and are encouraged to consider the competitive landscape when doing so. For more information, see the letter from the Vice President for Research

Maximum Salary Level

The maximum postdoctoral salary is $85,000. DLCIs should direct requests for exceptions to this maximum to The Office of the Vice President for Research will work with the relevant dean’s office to review all requests.

Health Benefits for Postdoctoral Scholars

We are committed to equalizing the cost of health insurance between postdoc fellows and associates, so that the premiums paid by fellows for the SHIP/Affiliate health plan are not greater than what they would be paying if they were postdoctoral associates on the employee health plan.

At the time of a fellow's initial appointment, MIT administrative contacts conduct an evaluation, factoring in any health insurance coverage included in the fellowship. When the remaining cost to the fellow would exceed that of a postdoctoral associate, they arrange in advance for the faculty host to provide the difference between the cost to the individual for fellows versus associates. For each category of coverage, the current annual premium cost difference is indicated below.

2024 Annual Rates

Benefits Annual Rates

Coverage Tier

Postdoc Associates Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO+ Plan

Postdoc Fellows MIT Affiliate Plan and Extended Insurance






Individual and Spouse (or Spousal Equivalent)




Individual and dependent