Career Development

Throughout the postdoctoral period, postdocs may access a variety of services and resources, summarized in this section.

"Having invested heavily in research training, members of the postdoc population are at a crucial point in the career trajectory. Each is deciding whether to follow a research track in the future and if so, whether to apply his/her skills to academic or non-academic paths, or whether to go down a different path. These considerations underscore the importance of mentorship and career planning during postdoctoral training."

“The postdoctoral training period at MIT is part of the education of a researcher in STEM and other fields. This notion is in accord with MIT policy stating ‘Postdoctoral associates come to MIT to develop their scholarly competence, working under the supervision of MIT faculty members.’ While no degree is offered, this period is nonetheless integral to preparation for a future independent research career. Thus, a postdoctoral scholar is not invited to join a group at MIT simply to perform a specific research project, rather, a broad training program should be in place.”

Hazel Sive, Claude Canizares, and Maria Zuber:

“The Status of MIT's Postdoctoral Researchers”

MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol. XXVI No. 2, November/December 2013