Academic Interviewing and Offers Panel

Faculty panelists will address the process of searching for academic positions, effective interview strategies, and ways to successfully navigate this process. Academic job offer negotiation will also be discussed.

Sponsored by MIT Global Education & Career Development, with the Graduate Student Council and Office of the Vice President for Research

The faculty panel:

Prof. Angela Belcher

W.M. Keck Professor of Energy

Professor, Department of Material Science and Engineering and Department of Biological Engineering

Prof. Stephen Bell

Professor of Biology

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

Prof. David Hardt

Professor of Mechanical Engineering;

Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor in Manufacturing

Prof. David Hsu

Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Prof. Bradley D. Olsen

Associate Professor

Dept. of Chemical Engineering, MIT

Prof. Feng Zhang

Assistant Professor, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences 

Investigator, McGovern Institute

Core Member, Broad Institute