Nature Research Seminar by Editor-in-Chief, Sir Philip Campbell

Speaker: Sir Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, Nature 

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and MIT Global Education & Career Development

Students, graduates, postdocs, and faculty are invited to take part in an upcoming Nature Seminar hosted by MIT and presented by Nature Editor-in-Chief, Sir Philip Campbell. 

The seminar will be a talk and Q & A about the lab and research group management challenges for aspiring and current Principal Investigators and researchers and the support that they might increasingly need in publishing. 

The seminar will cover key issues as it relates to: 

  1. Publication of papers: coping with editors and referees, the paper of the future 
  2. Post-publication pressures 
  3. Lab integrity 
  4. Data 
  5. (Ir)reproducibility 
  6. Escape from the Impact factor! 
  7. Engaging with partner agencies in applicable research 
  8. Aspects of outstanding mentoring 
  9. Addressing examples of good practice and good techniques for coping with these issues 

Sir Philip Campbell is Editor-in-Chief of Nature and of Nature Research. His areas of responsibility include the editorial content of Nature, and assuring the long-term quality of all Nature publications. He has a BSc in aeronautical engineering, an MSc in astrophysics and a PhD and postdoctoral research in upper atmospheric physics. Following his research, he became the Physical Sciences Editor of Nature and then, in 1988, the founding editor of Physics World, the international magazine of the UK Institute of Physics. He returned to Nature to take on his current role in 1995. He has worked with the UK Office of Science and Innovation, the European Commission and the US National Institutes of Health on issues relating to science and its impacts in society.

For ten years until 2012 he was a trustee of Cancer Research UK. He is a founding trustee and now the Chair of the research funding charity ‘MQ: transforming mental health’. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and was awarded an honorary DSc by Leicester University and Bristol University, and an Honorary Professorship by the Peking Union Medical College. He is a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University. Sir Campbell is based in London.