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TFP: Essentials applications extended to July 20th

Revised Program dates: July 31, August 14, and September 25, 2018

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MIT Postdocs, what is the next step in your career?

Whether you intend a career in academia or industry, it is important to understand and communicate the broader impact of your research and ideas. How might your contributions make impact? How might you play a key role in maximizing the impact?

Essentials is a 2-month short program allowing you to develop a business model for your research-derived product or service. You can use this model to inform your research strategy, seek grants or even start a business. Three evening sessions will be held over the two-month period.

Essentials is taught by the MIT NSF I-corps teaching team with VMS mentor participation. We will help you test your plans and introduce you to potential customers. You will gain knowledge of the value creation process, possibilities for commercializing your research, and additional communications skills. Upon completion of Essentials, you will receive certification demonstrating successful completion of the MIT I-Corps program. The certification may be helpful in future NSF grant requests.

If you want to

  • Enhance your career
  • Discover career options
  • Consider the commercial possibilities of your research
  • Influence your research
  • Gain confidence communicating with business people

Please discuss with your PI/advisor prior to signing up for Essentials. We suggest that together you incorporate this program into your MIT postdoctoral training program. The program is relevant to research problem selection and career development.

Essentials is open to all Postdocs, associates and fellows, via self-nomination.

Apply for TFP

Applications close July 20, 2018.

All three workshop sessions are required; July 31, August 14, and September 25, from 5-8pm, location TBD.

Beth Kahn

TFP Program Director

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