Transferrable Skills - Transition to Business

Please join us for an exciting talk by Dr. Isaiah Hankel followed by a casual reception to mix and mingle over drinks and snacks.

Speaker: Dr. Isaiah Hankel; Cheeky Scientist™

Date and Time: Monday, September 29, 2014 

Sponsored by: The Office of the Vice President for Research 

Make the choice to jumpstart your career by attending the Transition to Business seminar.

Are you exploring alternatives to an academic career or considering a career that involves both academic and nonacademic settings?  Are you seeking to maximize your career potential as you transition from academia to business? Join Dr. Isaiah Hankel as he shares insights, tricks, and techniques on how you can capitalize on your capabilities and become more attractive to potential employers. No prior business experience? No problem! 

In this seminar, you will learn: 

  • How to leverage the power of your Ph.D. and postdoctoral experience
  • Insider techniques to sell yourself to employers
  • Key insights into the nuances of networking
  • The power of being proactive
  • Crucial components of communication and connection
  • Tips on how to articulate your experiences to gain a competitive advantage

No presentation slides are available, but Dr. Hankel directs postdocs to articles and videos on the topic of transition:



About Dr. Isaiah Hankel

Isaiah Hankel is the author of Black Hole Focus (Wiley 2014), a business coach and international speaker. He helps individuals, teams and organizations develop a more entrepreneurial mind-set to accelerate their career success.

Isaiah has worked with some of the world’s leading corporations, including Amgen, Celgene, Bio-Rad Laboratories, BD Biosciences, Baxter Bioscience, Pfizer, Roche, and Genentech. He has also presented at many of the world’s premier academic institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, The Pasteur Institute, and The Curie Institute, to name a few.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research.