Writing Research and Teaching Statements

Writing Research and Teaching Statements

Speaker: Dr. Michelle Bell and Dr. Donald Halstead, Harvard School of Public Health

First Presented: Monday, May 13, 2013

When applying for an academic position, you will be required to produce a teaching and/or research statement. Writing a poor statement can hurt your chances of being considered for a position, but taking the time to write them well can set you apart from other candidates. Drs. Bell and Halstead will analyze the characteristics of teaching and research statements, discuss their components and review examples - so that you will be able to write thoughtful, creative statements that have impact.

Dr. Donald Halstead is Instructor of Writing at Harvard School of Public Health, and works with students, postdoctoral research fellows, research scientists and faculty to help produce leaders in public health research and practice by improving their writing, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Dr. Michelle Bell is Assistant Dean for Educational Programs at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has a PhD in education and her area of research is in human development. She works with faculty and academic departments developing new courses, concentrations and degree programs. She teaches faculty and postdoctoral fellows workshops on designing courses and developing grading rubrics.

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